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Sep 14th, at 6pm
Mixcast #05: 2000-2009


(2000) Queens Of The Stone Age - Auto Pilot
(2001) Explosions In The Sky - Have You Passed Through This Night?
(2002) Wilco - Heavy Metal Drummer
(2003) Radiohead - Where I End And You Begin
(2004) Sufjan Stevens - The Devil’s Territory
(2005) Okkervil River - For Real
(2006) Brand New - Limousine
(2007) Arcade Fire - Intervention
(2008) M83 - Graveyard Girl
(2009) Bill Callahan - Too Many Birds

After a few mixes sticking to a certain genre I wanted to cross between them for a more varied and general mix. So this is ten songs in order of release from the past ten years. Theres nothing definitive here, just songs that I’ve liked and thought fit well together.

It was quite fun and challenging creating this. I’d like to know what songs you would have chosen for each year. Use the question and/or contact links to the left or even @thesodabop on twitter if you’d like to share your thoughts. Cheers and enjoy!

p.s: Don’t be put off by the cover image, i think he’s an idiot, too.

posted by Chris

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